Poly Network wants to hire the hacker who stole over US$600 million worth of tokens from the platform last week — as its chief security advisor, according to a tweet by the company.

Fast facts

  • In response to the job offer, the hacker posted a joke on the Ethereum blockchain that was shared in a tweet by Tom Robinson, the founder of Elliptic, a blockchain analysis and investigation firm. It remains unclear whether the hacker intends to accept Poly Network’s job offer.
  • In a statement shared with Forkast.News, Poly Network reiterated that it does not intend to take any legal actions against its hacker, and added: “We are confident that Mr. White Hat will promptly return full control of the assets to Poly Network and its users.” The hacker has yet to surrender the keys to the multi-signature wallet controlled by Poly Network and the hacker, who currently holds the transferred stolen assets.
  • Poly Network also heaped thanks on the hacker for “outstanding contribution to Poly Network’s security enhancements” and added that the company’s ambitions align with the hacker’s vision for decentralized finance (DeFi) and the crypto space.
  • Poly Network will pay the promised bug bounty of US$500,000 to the hacker despite the hacker initially refusing the reward money. The hacker has indicated that they intend to use the bounty to reward blockchain security experts. Poly Network stated that it does not have any objections to how the bug bounty amount is used by the hacker.
  • While people continue to debate whether the Poly Network hacker is truly a benign white-hat hacker or not, an ethical hacker found a vulnerability in SushiSwap on Tuesday that could have led to the loss of US$350 million worth of Ethereum. A crypto researcher from Paradigm, a venture capital firm, discovered a bug in the smart code contract for the BitDAO token sale on decentralized exchange SushiSwap’s MISO token sale platform. The ethical hacker then alerted the SushiSwap team, which has temporarily suspended the use of its MISO Dutch auction format until the smart contract code is updated.