Poly Network has confirmed that all its remaining stolen assets on Ethereum, worth around US$269 million, barring US$33 million worth of Tether that was frozen post-attack, have been returned to a multi-signature wallet controlled by itself and the hacker.

Fast facts

  • The hacker had returned more than 50% of the assets stolen on the Polygon and Binance Smart Chain by Thursday.
  • In its tweet, Poly Network noted that the repayment process had yet to be completed and that it would continue to communicate with the hacker, now dubbed “Mr. White Hat,'” to receive the final key and recover the assets.
  • According to a tweet showing conversations between Poly Network and the hacker posted by Tom Robinson, chief scientist and co-founder of Elliptic, a blockchain intelligence company, Poly Network considers the return of assets “white hat behavior.” The company offered the hacker US$500,000 as a bounty after all assets are returned. It has also assured the attacker that the company will not be pressing charges if all assets are returned.
  • However, the hacker claimed to have not responded to the bounty offering, and having returned all the stolen assets except for the frozen Tether.
  • Robinson’s latest tweet, however, suggests that the perpetrator felt sorry for the “innocent people who were affected by my wild adventure.” The hacker said he intended to compensate the victims by either accepting the limited bounty and/or using donations. The address shared for donations had collected US$4,000 at the time of the tweet.
  • Although Twitter users have praised the attacker for returning the stolen assets, in a Q&A session posted by Robinson, the hacker admitted to “selfish motives to do something cool” but not harmful. He added: “I realised being the moral leader would be the coolest hack I could ever archive [sic].”
  • As the story of the biggest DeFi hack nears an ending, DAO Maker, a crypto crowdfunding platform, has been hacked, resulting in a loss of US$7 million.