Non-fungible token minting platform PlayNFT wants to enable Twitch streamers to offer NFTs to their audience without needing to leave the Twitch platform.

Fast facts

  • Blockchain games studio Enigma Games is using Enjin’s Efinity blockchain on PlayNFT, the studio’s NFT minting platform, to build a plug-in that will allow Twitch’s 9.2 million streamers to use NFTs to build greater engagement with their audience. According to a press release, the move will help increase the functionality of NFTs across a number of games and applications.
  • Streamers will be able to mint NFTs that can be used as in-game items in titles like Min-Mins, MyMeta Minecraft and Shield of Shalwend, which are available on gaming marketplace Steam. Streamers can go to the PlayNFT marketplace and mint NFTs that can then be distributed to their audience. These viewers can then log into games and use the NFTs to unlock gated content. PlayNFT can also be used by game developers to raise funds or create unique experiences for the blockchain gaming community, according to the website.
  • “Streamers on Twitch are constantly searching for ways to reach new audiences and connect with them on a deeper level,” said Xavier Moore, CEO of Enigma Games. “We think NFTs, as a form of social currency, are going to become the most popular community engagement tool on the internet.”
  • “PlayNFT is the world’s first NFT-utility marketplace. Until now, there’s been no easy way for creators to make their NFTs usable in third-party games and apps,” said Bryana Kortendick, vice president of communications at Enjin. “We hope to see an abundance of games and apps joining PlayNFT, so creators and streamers can use the platform to meaningfully engage their audiences and level-up their NFTs in an autonomous and decentralized way.”