With the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan capturing headlines around the world, Jack Butcher, the founder of New York-based graphic design agency Visualize Value, has partnered with the Cooperative for American Remittances (CARE) humanitarian charity to launch a non-fungible token fund to provide “care packages” to displaced Afghan families.

Fast facts

  • The NFT care packages are priced at 0.03 Ether (US$84.89). Donors can also choose to buy a bundle of 10 NFTs for 0.28 Ether. Post-purchase donors get to own care package NFTs in exchange for their contributions.
  • The onslaught of Taliban violence in Afghanistan has displaced countless families. According to the United Nations, around 18 million people in the country need assistance, and one in three Afghan children will be severely malnourished this year.
  • Each NFT is designed to support one Afghan family for a month, providing food, water and shelter, according to Butcher. The proceeds are sent directly to CARE to provide support for the families.
  • CARE is an international humanitarian organization battling global poverty and world hunger. It worked in more than 100 countries and helped over 90 million people through 1,300 projects last year.
  • As of press time, the fund had raised around US$90,000, enough to support around 1,000 Afghan families for a month.
  • NFTs have been growing in popularity, and using NFTs for humanitarian causes is one of their latest uses. Several Twitter users said that the NFT fund was an interesting concept in which donors not only own an NFT but also help Afghan families in dire need of aid.