Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) featuring famous traditional Chinese paintings by culture studio Rongbaozhai have been successfully transferred from China’s Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) WenChang Chain to the OpenSea marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain, a milestone in the development of interchain NFT technology.

Fast facts

  • The transfer was made on Nov. 16 across four blockchains: WenChang Chain and IRITA Hub — both on permissioned BSN — and public chains IRIS Hub (IRISnet) and Ethereum, according to a blog post published by IRISnet on Cosmos.
  • Developed by Bianjie, the Shanghai-based core development team behind IRISnet, and powered by Cosmos’s decentralized independent, scalable, sustainable and interoperable blockchain ecosystem, WenChang Chain launched in February as one of the first chains comprising BSN open permissioned blockchains (OPBs). 
  • “The successful cross-chain transfer of Chinese traditional artwork NFTs unveils diverse possibilities of exploring more business implementations through open permissioned blockchains with interchain technology,” Bianjie co-founder Harriet Cao said in a statement.
  • The IRISnet blog post said that the cross-chain transfer illustrated how interchain technology could be used to support global commerce involving different jurisdictions’ requirements. “For example, BSN OPB supports Chinese artworks’ registration and domestic commerce, and, for global commerce, interchain technology allows these artworks to circulate to public chain-based global markets with trustworthy data,” the team said in the post.