Jupiter Meta on Wednesday launched a fully curated non-fungible token marketplace in India focusing on music, film and gaming. 

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Fast facts

  • The NFT marketplace is built on Jupiter Meta’s Rubix blockchain, which the company claims has zero gas fees and is sustainable. 
  • Jupiter Meta has also launched ‘Icons of Singara Chennai’ in its NFT marketplace, which includes 12 digital art pieces of monuments, food, beaches and the essence of Chennai city. 
  • Jupiter Meta will mint and own multiple copies of each artwork as NFTs and sell them at a fixed price. 
  • Several NFT marketplaces have cropped up in India since last year, including the one launched by crypto exchange WazirX and cricket-focused Rario. 
  • Founded in 2021, Jupiter Meta allows users to trade NFTs across segments including music, film, art, and culture, with a built-in metaverse.

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