BlueSky, the decentralized social media platform initiated by Twitter (now X) co-founder Jack Dorsey, is now open for public sign-ups. 

The platform, which aims to provide an alternative to traditional social media networks by prioritizing user control and privacy, announced its public availability after a period of extensive beta testing.

BlueSky’s public debut comes at a time when concerns over data privacy, censorship, and centralization are driving interest in decentralized internet services as debates over social media’s role in society continue to intensify. 

The project, initially revealed by Dorsey in 2019, has been in development for several years, with a focus on creating a more open and decentralized internet. 

Bluesky operates on the AT Protocol, a new standard for social media that the company claims will empower users with direct control over their data and the content they see. The platform’s launch comes at a time when concerns over data privacy, censorship, and the monopolistic power of tech giants are at an all-time high.

The AT Protocol is designed to enable interoperability between different services, allowing users to move their data freely and avoid being locked into a single platform. This approach challenges the current model where user data is often siloed within specific networks, giving those networks significant control over online discourse and user engagement.

Bluesky’s journey began as an initiative within Twitter before becoming an independent entity, with Dorsey’s vision of a decentralized internet at its core. The platform’s development has been closely watched by both technology enthusiasts and industry experts, who are curious to see how a decentralized network will fare in a market dominated by centralized giants. 

As the platform opens up to the general public, it will be tested on its ability to attract users and provide a viable alternative to the social media status quo.