The Helium Network, a decentralized wireless network, announced a model expansion on Saturday to address the demand for unlimited wireless protocols.

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Fast facts

  • The Helium Network, which rewards crypto to users for deploying hotspots and providing network coverage, has launched over 848,000 hotspots in 176 countries. 
  • The expansion includes a new token launch, MOBILE, to reward Hotspot owners for providing 5G coverage, the Helium Network said in a statement. 
  • As the number of networks increase, each network protocol will have its own token and governance backed by Helium’s native token HNT.
  • The tokens can be redeemed for HNT, according to the Helium Network. 
  • The expansion was announced after 96.9% of the community voted in support of proposal HIP 51, which focuses on increasing utility for the network.

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