Cytown, the metaverse currently being developed under South Korean software developer Hancom and local social media service Cyworld Z, recently received the green light from Google to launch a mobile app on the Playstore.

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Fast facts

  • Hancom will launch the Cytown metaverse after it finishes linking its system with Cyworld Z, according to local media reports.
  • Cyworld Z is a revamped social media platform in South Korea that was hugely popular in the country around the mid-2000s.
  • The original Cyworld had 32 million users at one point, but its popularity withered with the advent of mobile social media services such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • While Cyworld Z’s social media app launched back in April, it announced that it will further evolve its platform using cryptocurrencies, the metaverse and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
  • The Cytown metaverse will recreate Cyworld Z’s interactive social platform in 3D, with its own economy consisting of Dotori, the cryptocurrency issued by Cyworld.
  • Cytown is still awaiting approval from Apple’s App Store.
  • Meanwhile, South Korea is increasing its stake in the metaverse — earlier this year, its science ministry announced a US$185 million investment to build the country’s metaverse ecosystem.

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