Neon, an Ethereum virtual machine on the Solana blockchain, today announced that it is integrating, a cross-blockchain computing network and decentralized indexing provider, for on-chain data on Solana — a first step towards bringing cross-chain decentralized finance (DeFi) between Ethereum and Solana.

Fast facts

  • Neon enables developers to deploy their Ethereum applications on Solana without the need for changes to the codebase. With the integration with, users will be able to view current and historical transaction data including total value locked (TVL), deployed Ethereum contracts on Solana, transaction costs and statistics about smart contracts on Neon, according to a media statement.
  • Several DeFi protocols on Solana have already integrated for indexing to provide historical and real-time transaction data, including Raydium, Saber, Port Finance, Orca and Serum Markets.
  • “We’re excited to tackle this challenge to help bring fully decentralized indexing solutions for all Ethereum use-cases running on Solana through Neon. This solution is unique in that dApps on Neon will be indexed on both sides, on Ethereum and on Solana,” said Jonathan Schemoul, founder of, in a statement. The integration will bring critical data to all the apps that will deploy on Solana through Neon, for example, Aave and SushiSwap, Schemoul told Forkast.News in a follow-up interview.
  • Schemoul added that’s integration was a first step towards having full cross-chain DeFi between Ethereum and Solana. “This indexing is really important because it gets data on the interoperability layer, which is needed for everything else afterwards,” Schemoul said. “The next step is cross-chain analytics, and once you have cross-chain analytics, you can have cross-chain DeFi.”
  • is in the midst of rolling out its decentralized computing network, currently in beta version, for public release next month. The decentralized computing network will enable to compete with AWS for decentralized projects, Schemoul said.