Ethereum retained its position as the leading blockchain in non-fungible token (NFT) sales for the third consecutive day to close the week, CryptoSlam data shows.

Ethereum sales dipped by 63% on Friday, falling from Thursday’s US$32.81 million which was boosted by a single CryptoPunk NFT selling for US$16.38 million.

Following Ethereum, Bitcoin and Solana ranked second and third, with sales volumes of US$7.99 million and US$6.10 million respectively in the same period.

Bitcoin experienced a 23% decrease in sales volume. This is the first time Bitcoin NFTs fell below US$10 million this week.

Solana sales fell 7.62%.

These figures reflect a market that, while experiencing a general downturn, still sees fluctuations in activity across different blockchains.

BNB Chain had one of the strongest performances on Friday with a 12% sales increase to US$1.22 million. Its “lucky start” collection accounted for US$668,236 of those sales.