Ethereum led the non-fungible tokens (NFT) market in sales on Thursday by racking up US$10.48 million in the 24 hours to 12 p.m. ET, according to CryptoSlam data.

Ethereum, which also leads the industry in all-time NFT sales with US$43.46 million, had a 42% surge in sales volume to top the day’s rankings as the only chain with at least US$10 million in sales.

Pandora, a collection of 10,000 “Replicants” enabled by the ERC-404 experimental token standard, had a 279% surge to US$1.61 million to help Ethereum.

All NFT collections on Thursday were from Ethereum, all pitching in at least US$1 million each.

Bitcoin and Solana, ranking second and third respectively, saw their sales dip over the past day.

Bitcoin’s NFT market faced a downturn, with sales dropping by 22.41% to reach US$6.61 million.

Solana, holding the third position, also encountered a decline in sales by 18.32%, totaling US$6.12 million.

Polygon, which ranks fourth, experienced a significant sales drop of 29.31%, with sales amounting to US$784,579.

Polygon’s Thursday slump slows down its progress to its US$1.5 billion NFT sales milestone, which is about US$4.3 million.