CryptoPunk #7804 has been sold for 4,850 ETH, or US$16.38 million.

The transaction, which occurred on Wednesday is now the second most expensive sale in the history of CryptoPunks, according to CryptoSlam data.

The sale of CryptoPunk #7804 surpassed the value of CryptoPunk #3100, which was previously set at 4,500 ETH earlier this month.

As a result, CryptoPunks topped the NFT collection rankings chart with US$17.2 million in sales in the 24 hours leading up to 12:30 p.m. ET on Thursday. The collection had a total of five transactions in that timeframe.

CryptoPunks is the third highest-ranked NFT collection of all time, with over US$2.78 billion in sales.

In Thursday’s rankings, Uncategorized Bitcoin NFTs came in second with almost US$4 million in sales, while Pudgy Penguins ranked third with nearly US$3 million.

Howdy Hats, a brand-new collection on Solana, quickly joined the top 10 after its debut by amassing over US$784,000 in secondary sales.

Other notable movements in the NFT market include NodeMonkes on Bitcoin, which experienced a sales decrease of 37.73% to US$1.43 million and a 41.86% drop in transactions. ImmutableX’s Gods Unchained Cards, however, saw a sales increase of 101% with a total of US$1.3 million.

The Mythos platform’s DMarket experienced a slight sales dip of 0.06% to US$898,285, with a 15.48% decrease in transactions.