The adoption of cryptocurrencies is still low compared to traditional investment classes such as equities, payment technologies and private equity allocation by institutions, a joint report by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Bitget and Foresight Ventures said. 

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Fast facts

  • The report estimates that about 0.3% of individual wealth is currently held in crypto assets, compared to 25% in equities. 
  • Going by the current adoption trends, the total number of crypto users is likely to reach 1 billion by 2030, the report said.
  • Although institutional interest in crypto assets is growing, individual investors are currently the biggest holders of crypto, the report said. Hedge funds and venture capital firms are most willing to invest, it added.
  • As crypto regulation in Southern Asia matures, the region accounts for about 2% to 3% of global crypto trading value, with India, Thailand and Vietnam making up the largest markets in terms of trading value, the report said. 
  • Crypto-trading in Southern Asia is essentially retail driven with young traders who are highly speculative and take cues from social media, the report said.

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