The total number of legal judgments involving crypto-related crime in China slightly dipped in 2021 to 5,137 cases, as the nationwide clampdown continues, according to a research report

Fast facts

  • China’s legal system published 5,170 judgments in 2020, a significant leap from 3,474 in 2019, Chinese blockchain data tracker Zhongke Lianan found in its report.
  • China banned all cryptocurrency-related transactions in September, but activities still exist among some mainland traders registering overseas companies to circumvent policy crackdowns.
  • Zhongke Lianan said it facilitated investigations on 744 cases last year.
  • Among these cases, about 48.52% of all judgments involved pyramid schemes, while 27.82% were fraud-related, with 11.96% on online gambling.
  • USDT on Tron was used in 47.54% of the 744 cases, followed by USDT on Ethereum in 30.96% of the cases, and USDT on the Bitcoin network in 10.34%.