Local authorities have seized 1,106 mining rigs from two cities in China’s southeastern province of Guangdong. 

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Fast facts

  • The Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission announced on Tuesday that it had uncovered a mining farm in Guangzhou disguised as electric vehicle (EV) charging stations with 190 mining rigs worth more than 5 million RMB (US$791,302).
  • The large power consumption of EV charging points allowed the miners to remain in operation for over 1,000 hours while staying hidden from authorities enforcing China’s ban on crypto mining.  
  • In Jieyang city, 916 mining rigs were confiscated, along with the crypto farm’s operational equipment, according to the provincial government’s statement, also released on Tuesday. 
  • Local governments are raising electricity bills to discourage cryptocurrency mining, as authorities continue to uncover remaining miners in the mainland. 

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