Crypto lender Celsius Network’s native token CEL saw an uptick of around 50% on Tuesday as community members attempted a short squeeze. 

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Fast facts

  • In a short squeeze, bulls attempt to buy out the underlying asset to push up its price and make it more expensive for short sellers to cover their positions.  
  • Banding together on Twitter, community members decided to boost CEL by buying the native token on FTX exchange, transferring them to decentralized exchanges, and setting sell-limit orders. 
  • The situation is similar to the GameStop short squeeze in January 2021 which caused GME token’s price to rise by over 1,000% in two weeks. 
  • While the short squeeze started increasing Celsius’ token price initially, CEL’s price has since come down to around US$0.99 from a high of US$1.55 on Tuesday, according to CoinGecko data
  • The token’s price is down more than 87% from all-time high of US$8.05 in June 2021.  
  • Celsius halted withdrawals and transfers on June 13, coinciding with the acceleration of the crypto market crash.
  • Celsius has hired restructuring attorneys and is exploring asset sales or bailout — the firm said on Monday that it will take time for it to stabilize liquidity and operations. 

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