Thursday, April 2, 2020


How government and banking leaders view rules on new technologies

How China hot-housed a new technology and 35,000 ‘blockchain’ companies bloomed

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How is China hot-housing this new technology, and are all these blockchain companies for real? Forkast.News takes a deep dive into the data to find the truth behind the numbers.

How the FATF’s travel rule could push cryptocurrency into the mainstream

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How are crypto companies complying with the travel rule, and what does it mean for decentralization and privacy? In a Forkast.News exclusive, industry experts analyze FATF's impact on regulations around the world and what to expect next.

Analysis: Are the ‘digital dollars’ in the $2 trillion stimulus plan the first step...

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Coronavirus' impact on the U.S. economy might hasten the creation of a digital dollar.

Complying with anti-money laundering regulations is a growing need for crypto companies

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FATF is setting international standards, shifting the crypto world from a "wild west" mentality to a more compliant space, says CoolBitX CEO Michael Ou.

Is death of the STO an exaggeration – or market reality?

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Despite all signs that interest just isn’t there for STOs, and ICOs are too tarnished by scams to be a legitimate investment vehicle, this investor thinks there’s life left in both.

Asia has ‘crypto groove’ – and Korea’s mom and pop shops are helping lead...

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Asia's blockchain and cryptocurrency projects have more vitality than other regions, says the chairman of the Cardano Foundation. But he also notes the variations within the region. How does Hong Kong differ from Vietnam and Singapore?

India crypto leader calls Supreme Court victory against central bank ‘game changer’ for industry

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India's crypto sector saw a major boost after its Supreme Court ruled to lift a ban on crypto trading, paving the way for more blockchain development.

Tokenized gold: smart investment as coronavirus fuels economic turmoil?

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Coronavirus fears are sending markets tumbling. Could tokenized gold, or gold-backed crypto, be the next-generation investment in times of economic trouble?

IRS crypto summit airs many questions

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Specific identification, hard forks and mainstream use: U.S. crypto investors are scrambling to figure out how new guidelines will affect their tax returns.

Crypto has the potential to revitalize India’s economy

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The uncertain legal status of cryptocurrencies is under the microscope in India.