Bitcoin was Wednesday’s top-ranking blockchain in the non-fungible tokens (NFT) market, with sales reaching US$19.08 million, marking a 5.79% increase from the day before.

Bitcoin collection PUPS led the way with US$2.15 million. PUPS raked over US$5.3 million alone this week.

Bitcoin’s recent performance has contributed to a slight rise in its all-time sales volume, now standing at US$3.15 billion.

Ethereum had a downturn, with sales dropping by 13.20% to US$9.39 million.

Ethereum maintains a significant lead in the all-time sales volume with US$43.52 billion.

Solana’s daily performance showed a 15.67% decline in sales, totaling US$8.16 million, raising all-time sales figures to US$5.36 billion.

Polygon, at four, had a 128.40% surge in daily sales, reaching US$2.02 million, and a 46.23% increase in total sales volume.

Mythos Chain, a network best known for NFTs and items for popular online games like Counter-Strike, has been pushed out of the top five by Avalanche for most of this week.

Avalanche held on to the fifth spot on Wednesday, thanks to collection Dokyo staying in the daily top 10 NFTs rankings with just under US$1 million in sales.