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Geoff Jiang

Dr. Geoff Jiang is president of Intelligent Technology Business Group, and president of Alibaba DAMO Academy's FinTech Labs Dr. Jiang joined Ant Group in 2017 and is now in charge of Ant's technology business lines, promoting R&D in blockchain, IoT and other emerging technologies and incubating them into business uses. Before joining Ant, Dr. Jiang was a vice president of NEC Corp., leading NEC Laboratories America in Princeton, NJ and the company's global R&D. His inventions have been commercialized as award-winning products at major industrial trade shows. Dr. Jiang has published over 160 technical papers in journals and for conferences such as SIGKDD. He also holds nearly 100 U.S. patents. Dr. Jiang got his B.S. and Ph.D from Beijing Institute of Technology. After graduation, he went to the U.S. as a postdoctoral fellow at Dartmouth College and then worked in the U.S. for 20 years before returning to China.

September 2020

Why blockchain is the trust-building technology our post-Covid world needs

By promoting transparency and data security, blockchain is poised to transform international trade. Dr. Geoff Jiang of Ant Group explains how.

November 2019

Blockchain is key to realizing the digital industrial revolution

Over the past few decades, the internet boom has been helping fill the information gap in our society. Online businesses such as those in e-commerce and social media emerged to help the world share information more efficiently, allowing for the digital transformation of traditionally “offline” industries. Despite the many years of effort, however, this digital […]