Three Arrows Capital (3AC) cofounders Su Zhu and Kyle Davies denied allegations by 3AC liquidators that they moved money out of the crypto hedge fund before its collapse.

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Fast facts

  • Zhu and Davies claimed that they were forced into hiding due to death threats, but they have been “communicating with all relevant authorities,” contradicting the liquidators’ claims of non-cooperation, according to an interview given to Bloomberg. 
  • The cofounders, who are reportedly relocating to the United Arab Emirates from Singapore, said they suffered extensive losses from the “regrettable” collapse of 3AC. 
  • Zhu said: “We positioned ourselves for a kind of market that didn’t end up happening,” attributing the cause of the collapse to their optimism fueled by a multi-year bull market.
  • Zhu acknowledged heavy losses with the collapse of Luna and said that the cofounders’ personal relationship with Terra founder Do Kwon may have blinded them to Terra’s vulnerabilities. 
  • 3AC also suffered deep losses when Grayscale Bitcoin Trust shares started trading at a discount to the price of Bitcoin. 
  • In court filings, 3AC liquidators alleged that Zhu and Davies made a down payment on a yacht while the fund was going down, but Zhu said the yacht was bought over a year ago and had “a full money trail,” rejecting allegations of living a luxurious life.

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