Hong Kong-based ViLab Limited, a metaverse developer, announced today that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Gulliver Studios, the effects creator behind the Netflix hit series Squid Game, to develop technology that can be used for creating virtual identities and other features for the metaverse.

Fast facts

  • ViLab and Gulliver Studios will look to collaborate in three main areas — developing three-dimensional (3-D) web and mobile applications, creating computer-generated imagery (CGI) in ViLab’s BetterArena, and creating and maintaining virtual idols. BetterArena is ViLab’s own space in the metaverse that hosts activities including virtual idol concerts.
  • “One of ViLab’s main goals has been to develop technology for creating virtual identities that can be adopted across all metaverse platforms,” said Ginny Q, a co-founder of ViLab, in a statement. Since the company’s founding, ViLab has been developing virtual human-related technologies in face-shifting, lip synchronization and voice cloning. 
  • South Korea-based Gulliver Studios have created visual effects for numerous movies and television shows, including Squid Game, currently the world’s most-viewed show on Netflix. The visual effects company is expanding its research and development into the area of virtual reality.
  • Last month, South Korean game developer Netmarble partnered with internet giant Kakao to launch a virtual K-pop girl group called MAVE: — whose members will all be artificial-intelligence performers. MAVE: is scheduled to debut next year.