Bangkok-headquartered financial consultancy and capital manager The Brooker Group is set to invest US$48 million in a portfolio of decentralized applications and decentralized finance tokens, a move that will see the company commit around half of its assets to the sector.

The firm has identified what it describes in a press release as “huge” growth potential in a range of decentralized projects, and in the second quarter of this year, it plans to begin investing in at least 15 high-growth companies, including some of the highest-profile names in the industry, such as Binance, Uniswap, Enjin and Filecoin.

“The next frontier in financial technology will be decentralized finance,” said The Brooker Group Head of Digital Asset Division and International Business Finance Advisory Varit Bulakul. “We believe that legacy funds have a responsibility to their clients to invest in emerging technology or risk being left behind as the sector matures.”

The Brooker Group will be investing in projects that are changing the financial services landscape through blockchain technology, a vote of confidence in the disruptive digital assets market.

In addition to investment in DeFi applications, the company revealed in its Q1 report that it holds 122.3158 Bitcoins with an aggregate value of approximately US$6.6 million.

Despite the fact that much of the focus in the DeFi industry is on the US and Europe, the value of the trade in digital assets in Asia is equivalent to that of the US and Europe combined, The Brooker Group said.

Its investments will initially be held by centralized exchanges, including Coinbase and Binance, while it selects a strategic custodian.