Central Asian nation follows Pakistan and Afghanistan with blockchain-powered digitization initiative.

Tajikistan is partnering with the Fantom Foundation to develop e-government infrastructure using Fantom’s blockchain-based IT products.

Under the deal, the Ministry of Industry of New Technologies will provide Fantom with access to its data flows and documentation to develop a customized customer relationship management/management information system in a bid to streamline business processes and boost productivity. Both sides have also agreed to establish a research and development hub to train local developers in blockchain-based systems.

Commenting on Fantom’s growing presence in Central Asia and South Asia, Fantom Director of South Asia Jawid Sikandar said, “Following our success in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the agreement to begin work in Tajikistan truly underscores the ways Fantom’s solutions respond to the pressing needs of growing economies. It is tremendously gratifying to know that we can play a part in helping these countries reach their developmental milestones.”

Fantom team members Barek Sekandari, Samuel Harcourt, Jakub Stephanik, and Sikandar have been expanding the company’s activities in the region over the past eight months.