A South Korean man in his 30s was recently sentenced to four years in prison after producing and storing sexually exploitative content involving minors he lured on the metaverse.

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Fast facts

  • The man, whose identity was not made public, had induced underage victims to film and send images and videos of their bodies from last December to March this year, according to local media reports.
  • The offender met the underage victims on a South Korean metaverse platform, where he used an avatar to misrepresent his age and offer gifts to draw in the victims.
  • On top of the jail sentence, the offender is obliged to attend 80 hours of treatment programs for sex criminals, and was banned from working in any entity related to teens or the disabled for seven years.
  • The sentencing, which was based on the offender targeting minors, also acknowledged that the exploitative content was not distributed or made for profit.
  • In June, a lawmaker for the opposition Democratic Party, Shin Hyun-young, spearheaded a proposal to sanction sexual offenses in the metaverse.

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