The Korea Fair Trade Commission has advised eight cryptocurrency exchanges to changes terms and conditions in their user agreements that it deems unfair to customers.

Fast facts

  • The commission discovered 15 types of terms and conditions that it said were unfavorable to customers. One condition stipulated that balances of less than a minimum withdrawal amount would not be returned to users. Another said the exchange could restrict users who engage in an “excessive” number of monthly transactions, without defining “excessive.”  
  • The KFTC targeted 16 exchanges. Eight — Upbit, Bithumb, Korbit, CoinOne, Streami, Probit, Huobi Korea and Hanbitco — have been advised to make corrections, while the remaining eight are still being examined.
  • If they do not follow the recommendations, the KFTC may issue a mandatory correction order. If a correction order is not followed, the KFTC may report the business to prosecutors.