Jump Trading, a Chicago-based high-frequency trading firm, is joining Oxygen, a decentralized finance prime brokerage protocol built on Solana and powered by Serum’s on-chain infrastructure, as a strategic partner and market-maker to provide liquidity on the Oxygen platform.

Fast Facts:

  • Switzerland-based Oxygen intends to spearhead the mass adoption of DeFi, starting with prime brokerage, by bringing investment banking products such as volatility trading and bespoke structured products to DeFi.
  • Oxygen is built on the Solana blockchain, which currently processes up to 50,000 transactions per second, each one costing around $0.00001, and matches borrowers and lenders through the Serum decentralized exchange on-chain order book.
  • Maps.me, an offline mapping application, will also be integrating with the Oxygen protocol to enable its 140 million users to earn yield while providing liquidity to Oxygen.
  • Jump joins Oxygen’s other investors, which include Alameda Research, MultiCoin Capital, Genesis Capital, Sino Capital and CMS, which participated in a US$40 million fundraise this year.
  • “The value of these firms lies both in their expertise and in the fact that they are some of the largest users of centralized finance services such as borrowing, lending and prime brokerage solutions,” said Alex Grebnev, co-founder of Oxygen.org. “Their participation can help make a better product, significantly expand Oxygen protocol’s institutional adoption and demonstrates that there is real demand for DeFi applications.”