Gaming non-fungible tokens are getting ready to take center stage this year with the arrival of one of the biggest cross-project games we’ve seen yet, Wreck League. Just announced last week, the Animoca-backed player-versus-player fighter will feature custom NFT-assembled mechs battling it out for a spot on the leaderboard for on-chain rewards. 

There may be some profits here for degens, with tons of mech parts to trade and even the ability to sell your completed mech skins. Throw in the fact that Yuga Labs will be officially partnered with Wreck League in season one with Bored Ape Yacht Club and Koda-themed mechs, and it seems that we’re looking at a real juggernaut of an NFT game.

The NFT ecosystem has never been more ready for play-to-earn gaming, even if the space hopes to move away from that term. Traders have been conditioned to expect massive gains from almost any NFT you would mint for years. Today’s NFT ecosystem couldn’t be more the opposite, and a tremendously down market has instead conditioned traders for lower profit or maybe even no expectations for gains.

NFT weekly global sales August 8

Be honest, anon, when was the last time you saw some profits? Sellers have seen only a small handful of days in the profit since March, and we’re now on steep monthly decline since May. 

If traders can’t find profits in established NFT projects, or new mints, they will need to find a new type of NFT to turn their attention to. Gaming NFTs, you’re on deck.

Affordable NFTs are the future of NFTs, and it’s not just DMarket and Gods Unchained giving us a glimpse of this new meta. DraftKings and Sorare, with their fantasy sports NFTs, show that with high volume and low priced NFTs are the sweet spot for NFTs. Give us 10 cents here, a few dollars there, and occasionally a home run, and we’ll be hooked for the long haul. Those small sales are nothing to snicker at too. DMarket’s gaming skins to date have traded for over US$171 million, NFL Rivals over US$772,000, Gods Unchained over US$212 million, and Sorare over US$669 million.

Wreck League, Land of ValeriaPixel Vault’s Battle Plan!, and Parallel are all blockchain games that have been on my radar, some for years while they’ve been patiently building. All of them are preparing for prime time, and the market is maybe perfectly primed to accept them. As always, do your own research, and learn as much as possible so you’re set up to win. 

Peep the charts

NFT collection by sales volume July 8
  • Degods is one of the strongest PFP collections, especially leading up to the new Season 3 dropping tomorrow. Female avatars, new art, and maybe IRL perks?
  • CryptoPunks welcomed Beeple to the community when he bought a 2x clown trait mohawk Punk. Next, he’s throwing a party at his art studio in SC for punk holders. We also saw a US$900,000 zero trait Punk sell, and there are multiple 7-figure bids on rare punks.
  • Bored Apes and Mutant Apes will get to mint Wreck League NFTs as a perk for being a holder. The news has likely added more desire for holding the iconic collections’ NFTs.
  • DraftKings and Sorare have done big numbers recently, with fantasy sports now becoming a high-volume performer in the NFT ecosystem.
Blockchains by sales volume
  • Ethereum sales volume has increased the past day, helping Ethereum NFTs recover to just down 2.39% with US$56 million in sales.
  • Solana’s Tensorian Shards collection, rewards from the Tensor marketplace, has done 1.7m in volume, helping Solana claim the #2 spot in the collection rankings.
  • Mythos Chain and ImmutableX both continue to see lots of action from their gaming NFTs. From CounterStrike Go, to Gods Unchained, gaming NFTs are becoming the meta of NFTs.
  • Polygon holds the fourth spot with DraftKings and y00ts sales giving the chain a boost to sales volume. 
  • Bitcoin is still struggling tremendously, down 30.83% to US$2.9 million in sales volume for the week. At the peak of this year, Bitcoin saw millions in sales volume daily.

Noteworthy Happenings

  • Doodles teased a new 3d avatar, and showed off a new partnership with Crocs. These guys are building in the bear, and getting ready for the metaverse it seems.
  • PixelVault’s Reboot platform is getting ready to announce details about their BattlePlan! game and have set the stage with the announcement of a new ecosystem token called GG.
  • Jack Butcher and Jalil, the creators of Opepen and Checks have released an interesting art NFT called Infinity. Costing .008 ETH, holders of the infinity NFT can redeem their NFT to get their ETH back forever. The collection will have infinite supply and exists as commentary on collectors and the NFT art scene.
  • VeeFriends are partnering with Reebok for physical shoes.