Nervos, a public blockchain backed by China Merchants Bank International and Sequoia China, today announced the mainnet launch of its cross-chain “Force Bridge,” according to a company statement shared with Forkast.News.

Fast facts

  • The Force Bridge enables cross-chain transactions between Nervos and Ethereum, with support for ETH and whitelisted ERC-20 tokens, including Dai (DAI), Tether (USDT), and USD Coin (USDC). Cross-chain support for Cardano, Bitcoin, TRON, EOS, and Polkadot will be rolled out in the near future, Nervos said.
  • Earlier this year, Nervos said it was collaborating with IOHK, one of the companies behind the Cardano blockchain, on a cross-chain bridge to Cardano. Once completed, users will be able to transact between the Cardano and Nervos blockchains using ADA and CKB — the respective native cryptocurrencies of the Cardano and Nervos blockchains — and create their own tokens.
  • “The Force Bridge plays an integral role in our suite of multi-chain solutions, which are aimed at creating Universal Applications that transcend individual blockchains,” said Kevin Wang, co-founder at Nervos. “With the recent launch of some of our other multi-chain solutions, Polyjuice and Godwoken which were tested during our recent Hackathon, and now the Force Bridge, we’re making important progress in our roadmap and moving closer to a truly interconnected blockchain ecosystem.”
  • In May, Nervos launched a US$50 million fund with CMB International (CMBI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Merchants Bank, to invest in early and growth-stage blockchain startups to expand the Nervos ecosystem.

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