Marathon Digital Holdings mined 265.6 Bitcoins last month, a 17% increase over the previous month, according to a company press release.

Fast facts

  • That mining increased the company’s holdings to 5,784 bitcoins with an estimated market value of US$206.1 million. The total includes a bulk purchase of 4,182 bitcoins the company bought in January for roughly US$130 million.
  • Currently one of North America’s largest mining operators, Marathon increased its mining rig count to 19,395 S-19 ASIC Pro miners this year, with an additional 1,056 machines from Bitmain currently in transit. The current stock of rigs is capable of generating 2.09 exa hashes per second.
  • As Forkast.News reported last week, Bitcoin’s hashrate fell to its lowest point in 22 months recently, hitting 58.7971 EH/s on June 27. The hashrate of a cryptocurrency describes the level of computing power required to secure a proof-of-work blockchain network. The lower the hashrate, the greater the likelihood of generating Bitcoins per unit of computing power.
  • It is to be expected Marathon would have increased its Bitcoin production in June given the historically low hashrate.
  • According to data from, the Bitcoin hashrate was 82.109EH/s at press time.