Magic Eden, the largest Solana-based non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, has launched its “audited” Bitcoin Ordinals for NFT traders.

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Fast facts

  • “Just as we have expanded into other chains, we now aim to bring our expertise in building marketplaces to the nascent, yet flourishing Ordinals ecosystem. By doing so, we’re honoring the culture of Bitcoin by providing the first audited marketplace and our winning user experience to collectible lovers,” Magic Eden said in a statement
  • While the marketplace has launched on Bitcoin without royalty support, Magic Eden is looking into the development of an on-chain, permissionless royalty standard, the statement said.
  • Magic Eden is “re-planning a more concerted entry into Ethereum,” having built marketplaces on Solana and Polygon.
  • In October, Magic Eden made the payment of NFT creator royalty fees optional, in an attempt to gain market share. 
  • An NFT marketplace is a platform that allows trading of NFT tokens, usually in the form of images or artworks.
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