Developer of Arte by Antonio Citterio partners with blockchain platform to allow buyers to pay with cryptocurrency.

Sapir Corp, the developer of the Surfside district condominium, has teamed up with blockchain and securities trading platform SolidBlock to allow buyers of the luxury residences to purchase them using cryptocurrency.

The partnership between Sapir Corp and SolidBlock marks the first time that a new residential development in Miami will accept digital currency as payment.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez says, “The embrace of cryptocurrency and emerging technologies across all sectors of industry is precisely how Miami will become the city of the century. Arte is setting an important precedent, and I won’t be surprised to hear similar stories in the near future.”

The Arte project fits into Suarez’s vision of a city transformed into a tech hub through an embrace of digital assets such as Bitcoin.

Sapir Corp Chairman Alex Sapir says, “We’re positioning ourselves for a future where half the world’s billionaires are crypto billionaires … With cryptocurrencies already creating incredible worldwide wealth, it’s real estate that will sustain that wealth and provide buyers with a legacy.”

As Forkast News has reported, the real estate industry, which is valued at US$200 trillion worldwide, has been one of those sectors to find relatively early success in tokenizing investments.