FXHASH, the largest non-fungible token (NFT) platform by sales volume on the Tezos blockchain, has announced an upgrade that allows users to choose between Tezos and Ethereum, along with on-chain minting for both networks. 

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Fast facts

  • The “FXHASH 2.0” upgrade will allow artists to mint on Tezos, then Ethereum, and back again on Tezos, all from within the FXHASH platform, granting exposure to different audiences, the platform announced on Twitter on Thursday. 
  • Features currently running on Tezos integration, such as generative art module fx(params), redeemables, and integration tools for technology partners and events, will also be compatible with Ethereum, providing users the same FXHASH experience across chains, the Tweet said. 
  • Anyone can mint NFTs on FXHASH. The upgrade gives Art Blocks a major competitor and offers a platform that is not gated like Art Blocks are. 
  • “When artists grow their reputation on FXHASH, they don’t need to leave the platform to sell on Ethereum. Instead of minting a new collection on art blocks, they can stay right on FXHASH,” explained Yehudah Petscher, NFT strategist at Forkast Labs, the parent company of Forkast.News. 
  • FXHASH recorded the highest trading volume on Tezos at 9.45 p.m. in Hong Kong on Friday, rising 5.36% to US$7,653 in 24 hours, according to CryptoSlam data.
  • However, this volume is significantly low compared to the top NFT collections, such as Uncategorized Ordinals – CryptoSlam’s category of Bitcoin Ordinals that are not part of one established collection – which recorded US$13.17 million in secondary sales over the past 24 hours.

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