Male-dominated workplaces, lack of proper educational resources, challenge women and act as barriers for them to engage in Web3.0, according to a survey by KuCoin. 

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Fast facts

  • Despite challenges, 60% of female professionals recognize their unique value in facilitating better culture in Web3 workplaces and communities, KuCoin’s “Web3 Career Market” report said. 
  • The report polled 3,608 internet users with awareness of Web 3.0 across Twitter and LinkedIn. 
  • The report said 53% of the surveyed Web3 professionals are satisfied with their careers, while 64% of those who have never worked in Web3-related industries wish to explore careers in this space.
  • Although 27% of female professionals have been involved in starting Web3-related projects or businesses, the share is still lower than their male peers, of whom 41% are self-reported Web3 entrepreneurs. 
  • According to the report, 33% of women Web3 professionals have worked as engineers or developers in the industry, similar to their male counterparts. 
  • The report said 49% of female Web3 professionals have worked part-time or as freelancers in Web3-related industries while 33% have worked full-time.

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