Diamond Standard Co. has raised US$30 million in a Series A funding round led by Left Lane Capital and Horizon Kinetics, the company announced in a statement

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Fast facts

  • The blockchain startup allows institutional and retail investors to trade tokenized counterparts of physical diamonds on the blockchain.
  • With the recent launch of the Diamond Standard Bar and Diamond Standard Fund, the company requires additional production capacity in order to meet rapidly growing investor demand, it said.   
  • By positioning diamonds as a market-traded commodity through blockchain technology, the commodities developer said it hopes to unlock the estimated US$1.2 trillion diamond market.
  • Tokenized assets are expected to boom into a US$16 trillion business opportunity by 2030, or 10% of the world’s expected GDP by the end of the decade.
  • Last year, a 101.38-carat diamond was sold for US$12.3 million, becoming the most valuable physical object purchased using crypto. 

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