Web3 media company Forkast.News and blockchain data analytics firm CryptoSlam are merging to establish Forkast Labs, a media intelligence platform for the digital economy that will combine on-chain data analytics and journalism, according to a Jan. 17 announcement at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

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Fast facts

  • Forkast Labs was established from a lack of standard methodology to determine the true value of digital assets, which are largely measured against crypto prices, creating sentiment-driven volatility. 
  • By merging on-chain data intelligence and the media, Forkast Labs hopes to establish a new standard for measuring the true value of Web3 and the digital economy.
  • The new company will start by launching data indices, APIs, and business intelligence products to measure the digital economy based on real-time on-chain data, creating a universal methodology for the evaluation of blockchain projects for investors.
  • “This merger comes at a pivotal moment for the crypto industry. The entire industry has been valued against volatile price movements, which has created a high degree of speculation. Trust in crypto has been eroded as a result, but we have the power to change that with this merger,” said Forkast.News founder and editor-in-chief Angie Lau.
  • “A media intelligence platform backed by industry-leading data analytics is what the blockchain industry needs right now. CryptoSlam and Forkast.News have excellent track records in their own right, and as a combined entity can bring trust and transparency to the Web3 ecosystem,” said Yat Siu, founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, and investor in both CryptoSlam and Forkast.News.
  • Lau and CryptoSlam founder Randy Wasinger will be co-CEOs of Delaware-based Forkast Labs. Sarah Chang, co-founder of Forkast.News, will be COO. 

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