A cryptocurrency-themed TV drama series with a historical twist is currently in production in South Korea, depicting the make-believe arrival of a cryptocurrency in the country’s ancient Joseon Dynasty.

Fast facts

  • “The Age of Money,” as the show will be known, follows a fictional king trying to get to the bottom of an “invisible” brass coin that has caused chaos nationwide. One of the king’s ministers is at first extremely suspicious of the invisible coin, but later acknowledges it as a new invention. 
  • Decentralized finance digital asset management protocol BLK Whale teamed up with blockchain content creator K-Play Contents to produce the series. The companies plan to produce more cryptocurrency-themed content such as drama series and K-pop songs to boost public awareness of crypto. 
  • “The Age of Money” will be the first crypto-themed drama series in Korea. In March, “Twenty Hackers,” originally a crypto-themed five-part web drama series, was re-edited and released as a movie.