Financial artificial intelligence firm seeks to use technology to mitigate risks in complex, volatile trading environment.

BlockBank, which develops artificial intelligence for both decentralized and traditional, centralized finance, is using its technology to bring AI-enabled analytics and risk management practices to the crypto space.

The company is working to offer a built-in fiat currency gateway and access to a non-custodial and cross-chain wallet for users to hold cryptocurrencies. It seeks to offer services including real-time market analysis, robo-advisory, trade execution, price prediction, earning strategies recommendations and finance tracking, according to a press release.

BlockBank says its efforts will deliver a more secure, private and decentralized ecosystem with monitored risk mitigation, analytics, social intelligence, smart contracts and batched transactions.

The company said, “The cryptocurrency space, while full of opportunities for significant gains in terms of profit, is [not] without its own drawbacks. Investing in it will mean big risks, considering the volatile nature of [the] market and the complexity of the industry.”

It said, however, that its mission was to enable its everyday users to become smart traders.

BlockBank last month announced a collaboration with San Francisco-headquartered digital workforce platform SKAEL to provide AI to its ecosystem.