‘Gypsy King’ looks to blockchain-powered marketplace to tap demand for celebrity collectibles

Two-time world heavyweight champion boxer Tyson Fury is partnering with HoDooi.com to launch his brand as a collectible in the non-fungible token market. HoDooi.com was founded by Matt Luczynski, who is also the co-founder of the blockchain travel business Travala.com.

Commenting on the partnership, Fury said, “HoDooi.com will be the official NFT marketplace to launch my NFT collection, looking forward to showing my fans and their users what we’ve created.”

The boxer is currently training in Las Vegas for an upcoming fight with Anthony Joshua, who holds the World Boxing Organization, World Boxing Association and International Boxing Federation heavyweight championship belts. The two boxers signed a two-fight deal in March.

In a statement, HoDooi said the platform was envisioned to “allow users to list, auction and bid on NFTs created anywhere in the space, including artworks created and minted on NFT platforms such as Rarible and OpenSea, and unique collections created by global sports brands, such as NBA Top Shots.”

Luczynski expressed confidence in the partnership with Fury and added, “We are going to make HoDooi.com the eBay of NFTs. The platform will allow our users to create auctions for their NFTs, list those they have bought elsewhere, and browse what will be a thriving marketplace for digital artwork, moments and collectibles.

“We’re hugely proud of Tyson’s decision to launch his first foray into the world of blockchain art and NFTs on our platform,” Luczynski  said. “He is a household name who has experienced everything the world of elite sport and celebrity life can throw at you.”