Nasdaq-listed Marathon Digital Holdings, one of the largest enterprise Bitcoin self-mining companies in North America, has announced a deal with Compute North to host around 73,000 of Marathon’s Bitcoin miners at a new 300-megawatt data center in Texas.

Fast Facts:

  • Marathon’s hashrate will be approximately 10.37 exahashes per second, the average mining cost will be $0.0453 per kilowatt hour, and Marathon’s operations will be approximately 70% carbon neutral when the miners are installed, according to a company statement. The news comes as crypto mining comes under increasing scrutiny over its environmental impact.
  • Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, tweeted earlier today that he had hosted a meeting between Tesla founder Elon Musk and Bitcoin minters in North America to form a Bitcoin Mining Council that would improve energy usage transparency and pursue sustainability .
  • Last Friday, China’s State Council announced that it was planning to crack down on Bitcoin mining and trading and “resolutely prevent the transmission of individual risks to society.”
  • China’s latest announcement has sent a chill through the Chinese crypto mining industry. “In past 48 hours, Chinese miners already started to accelerate migrating process to other countries. There will also be large quantities of Bitcoin mining machines available for sales,” tweeted Mustafa Yilham, vice president of global business development at Bixin, an Asia-based Bitcoin mining and crypto wallet company.