The Bitcoin Network has recorded over 154,554 inscriptions since the launch of Bitcoin Ordinals on Jan. 21, a protocol that enables digital assets to be inscribed on satoshis (sats), which is the lowest denomination of a Bitcoin.

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Fast facts

  • Ordinal Inscriptions are similar to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Bitcoin, as they allow users to mint images, videos, and even video games on satoshis, which benefit from the inherent immutability of the network.
  • The upgrade was developed in the past year by software engineer Caser Rodarmor and relies on Bitcoin’s SegWit and Taproot upgrades to function.
  • As interest in NFTs on proof-of-work blockchains strengthens, software engineer Anthony Guerrera launched Ordinals on the Litecoin network on Feb.19, motivated by the 22 Litecoin (US$2,066) bounty posted by pseudonymous Twitter user Indigo Nakamotoist.
  • Guerrera told Decrypt that Litecoin was the only other blockchain that could support Ordinals because it also included Bitcoin’s SegWit and Taproot upgrades. 
  • Bitcoin was down 0.56% in the 24 hours to 7:45 p.m. Hong Kong time, trading at US$24,686. Litecoin was down 3.76% trading at US$93.86, according to CoinMarketCap.

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(Updates lede to clarify the definition of Ordinals.)