Binance — the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume — today announced a “100 creators” campaign featuring creative talents from around the world as part of the launch of its non-fungible token marketplace on June 24.

Fast Facts:

  • Even as NFT sales dip, the list of cryptocurrency exchanges launching NFT platforms continues to grow, with Binance joining the likes of Japanese exchange Coincheck, Hong Kong-based and Binance-owned, India-based WazirX.
  • The creatives participating in the invitation-only campaign will be able to list their artworks on Binance’s NFT marketplace at launch.
  • “NFTs are helping artists secure their work and giving them new creative perspectives no matter the medium they were initially working with, in my case — skin … It has been a very interesting experience as a tattoo artist, working essentially in the tangible world and on people’s bodies, to now present my work in a digital way,” said tattoo artist Johnny Gloom, a participant.
  • Participants in the 100 Creators campaign include magician Wian, the Uganda National Museum, crypto meme musician Lil Bubble, Australian artist Bianca Beers and Malaysian artist Red Hong Yi.