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Wei Zhou

Wei Zhou is the Singapore-based CEO of, a fully regulated fiat and crypto mobile wallet provider in the Philippines. He and Joffre Capital led the buyout of earlier this year and recently completed a US$30 million Series C financing led by Ribbit Capital. Wei also serves as a strategic adviser and key investor in Old Fashion Research (OFR), a blockchain investment fund founded in 2021 by former executives and investment teams from Binance, where Wei once served as chief financial officer. Prior to Binance, Wei led the acquisition and served as the vice chairman of Grindr, a dating and social networking app for the LGBT community. Wei began his career at Goldman Sachs, and he graduated from Harvard University with a bachelor’s degree in economics and East Asian studies.

December 2022

Why local currency stablecoins are needed in non-US countries

Stablecoins in USD are becoming the digital world’s default currency — which burdens ordinary crypto users and monetary policies in smaller nations, writes Wei Zhou of

October 2022

Why local language education holds the key to crypto’s future

The crypto sector operates mainly in English, but more than 6 billion people — many of whom crypto would benefit the most — use other languages, writes Wei Zhou of

September 2022

Why Ethereum Merge will be game-changing for DeFi and crypto investing

Ethereum post-Merge will be much more attractive to institutional investors keen on ESG and earning stable yields, writes Wei Zhou of Here’s why.