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Will Szamosszegi

Will Szamosszegi is the Jersey City, NJ-based founder and CEO of Sazmining, a Bitcoin mining platform that connects individual retail miners with green Bitcoin mining facilities. Will is a recipient of Bucknell University’s venture grant, a finalist in SXSW’s Digital Entrepreneurship Tournament, a Forbes Fellow, and a regular speaker at Bitcoin mining conferences.

April 2023

Bitcoin mining produces energy gold. Let’s use it to help save our planet

Critics have long slammed Bitcoin mining for its enormous carbon footprint. But what if all the heat that miners emit can be sustainably powered and reused?

October 2022

Satoshi’s other big legacy: Bitcoin is propelling a green energy revolution

The Bitcoin white paper, published 14 years ago this day, launched an industry that is now subsidizing clean energy and turning waste into digital gold, writes Will Szamosszegi of Sazmining.