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Matt Cutler

Matt Cutler is CEO and a co-founder of Blocknative, a real-time infrastructure for monitoring pre-chain data, optimizing gas spend and predicting transaction settlement. Matt has founded multiple technology startups, including Web analytics pioneer NetGenesis, which went public in 2000 at the height of the Web 1.0 boom. His most recent startup, mobile collaboration platform, was acquired by Cisco in 2013. Matt has also has served as chair of the first-ever Webmasters Guild, co-authored the award-winning E-Metrics Whitepaper, championed AdWeek’s Viral Video Awards and established Cisco’s global Design Thinking initiative.

December 2021

Running on empty: How NFT drops drive up gas fees — and transaction anxiety

Gas fee unpredictability is a highly problematic aspect of the Ethereum ecosystem, writes Matt Cutler of Blocknative. What are the solutions?