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Dr. Kosrow Dehnad

Dr. Kosrow Dehnad is on the faculty of Columbia University and New York University. He currently serves as the chief data scientist and director of analytics for AIMS Consulting as well as the director of the New York Institute and Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence. He previously held senior positions in structuring, risk management and trading in rates and credit at Chase Manhattan Bank, Citibank and Salomon Brothers. Dr. Dehnad received a doctorate degree in pure mathematics and coding theory from the University of California, Berkeley, and a second doctorate, in applied statistics, from Stanford University. He is the co-author of the book, "Blockchain Investor Manual."

March 2022

The Flippening: When will Ethereum overtake Bitcoin?

Ethereum’s market value passing up Bitcoin’s may not be a matter of if, but when. Dr. Kosrow Dehnad and Joe Duncan offer a predictive model.

July 2021

The many benefits that blockchain can bring to the internet of things (IoT) | Part 3

Blockchain technology can make a big impact on the world we live in, according to authors Kosrow Dehnad and Joe Duncan. A prime example: Tesla’s driverless vehicles.

How blockchain can transform social media | Part 2

Why is social media’s current centralization problematic, and what would a decentralized Twitter or Facebook look like?

Special series: ‘Let’s get serious’ — how blockchain is revolutionizing payment systems

Though Dogecoin and NFTs dominate headlines, their underlying technology — blockchain — is transforming our world in more meaningful ways, according to authors Kosrow Dehnad and Joe Duncan.