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Joel Stein

Joel Stein was not easy to work with on this bio. The only verifiable facts he provided were that he wrote a column for Time magazine for 20 years, along with 22 cover stories; was a columnist for the Los Angeles Times and Entertainment Weekly; writes a weekly column for Medium, and is the author of the books "Man Made" and "In Defense of Elitism." There is no basis for his claim that his writing has "saved millions of lives and destroyed many more marriages."

August 2022

Simping in Web3 to follow the DAO of Irene

Can blockchain technology help starstruck little guys profit from being superfans of popular e-girls? Joel Stein joins Irene Zhao’s IreneDAO to find out.

July 2022

Seeking Bitcoin alpha: How I learned crypto day trading

Hoping to strike crypto riches, Joel Stein follows the footsteps of a master degen investor. Here are the secrets revealed to him.

June 2022

STEPN’ing it up with crypto move-to-earn

Enticed by promises of crypto rewards, Joel Stein hits the streets of Los Angeles with a beautiful NFT sneaker. What does he earn — and learn?

May 2022

How can I become a metaverse real estate mogul?

If buying a home is the American Dream and key to building wealth, what is that like in the metaverse? Crypto newcomer Joel Stein finds out.

My brief wondrous life as an Axie Infinity gamer

Crypto rookie Joel Stein dives into Axie Infinity and the curious economics of ‘play to earn.’ Will his teenage gaming dreams come true?

April 2022

Chasing my first crypto wallet down a rabbit hole

In Part 1 of a special Forkast series, crypto newcomer Joel Stein dips a toe into Bitcoin and Doge by opening his first-ever crypto wallet.