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Jake Adelstein has been an investigative journalist in Japan since 1993. He is the co-author of “I Sold My Soul For Bitcoins /J'ai vendu mon ame en bitcoins (Marchialy),” along with Nathalie Stucky published in France in 2019. The first chapter of the book was published at the launch of Forkast.News. His first book, “Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on The Police Beat in Japan” is now a series on HBO Max, airing April 7.

March 2022

March 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Excerpt from “I Sold My Soul in Bitcoins”

I Sold My Soul in Bitcoins, by Jake Adelstein Prologue I sold My Soul in Bitcoins, by Jake AdelsteinBefore the police knocked on the door, they called, and a week before they called, they politely leaked to the Japanese press that they would be arresting Mark Karpeles, the former CEO of failed bitcoin exchange, Mt. […]