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Hannes Graah

Hannes Graah is the London-based founder of Gro, a stablecoin yield farming protocol. Hannes is also the former vice president overseeing growth at Revolut, the neobank. Hannes previously spent eight years at Spotify, most recently as its global head of new markets. He is an angel investor in more than 30 companies and protocols.

September 2022

Is crypto in a deep funk? Think again

Beyond the bear market, Web3 technology is shining bright in gaming and music, writes Hannes Graah of Gro. Are we at a tipping point for mass adoption?

May 2022

How DAOs are remaking capitalism into a community-owned economy

Fueled by seismic shifts in societal values, decentralized autonomous organizations are now poised to go mainstream, writes Hannes Graah of Gro.