Ink, the Ashton Kutcher and Mark Cuban-backed Web 3.0 platform that allows artists and creators to sign, draw or write on any form of digital content into non-fungible tokens (NFTs), launched Wednesday.

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Fast facts

  • By digitally signing any existing photo, album cover, or social content such as an Instagram post, YouTube or TikTok video, artists can turn any of their content into digital tokens that can be bought, traded and resold by fans with a price of under US$50 on Ink’s marketplace
  • “Signatures make things visually non-fungible, while NFTs make things computationally non-fungible,” Ink founder Max Brody said. “Inks are the autographs of the future.”
  • The platform kicked off the launch with an Ink Drop of actress and singer Lexi Jayde, with more upcoming collaborations with artists, tours and music festivals. 
  • Fans do not need a digital wallet or prior experience in Web3 to access the NFTs on Ink, as they can use a debit or credit card within the Ink marketplace. 
  • More experienced users can export the purchased NFTs to OpenSea or alternate marketplaces.
  • The value of such NFTs have a potential to grow as the artist may never sign more editions of the same digital content after it is sold out. 
  • Ink raised a pre-seed round of US$1.5 million, with early investors including Mark Cuban, Ashton Kutcher’s Sound Ventures, Betaworks Ventures and Lupa Systems.

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